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How Can I Send Messages to All My Friends on Facebook?


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    The reason behind Facebook’s popularity is because of its dynamic environment. The social network platform ensures connectivity throughout, no matter where you are.

If it comes to a point, where you are trying to make an important announcement, you can do the same conveniently on Facebook.  In fact, you can send messages to 200 people at the same time, which is indeed useful. For a change, you get to save some precious time, besides; you are not required to individually call each and every person.

But to send the messages, it requires you to follow a set of procedures. It is not really tough or complicated, as it is made out to be. Just follow the guidelines and you will achieve the basic objective.

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Method to Send Messages to Friends on Facebook 

  • Log in to Facebook account
  • Click on the Messages icon on the top right of your screen
  • In the box, type in the name of the friend from the list to whom you want to send the message
  • Type in the message and press Enter

This is one method, which you can employ to send the messages to your friends at the same time. If you find the process to be difficult, then you can seek some assistance by using the Facebook help contact number.

Create a Facebook Group

  • Go to your Facebook page
  • Place your cursor in the Group section appearing on the left side of your Facebook home screen
  • Click more on the link to create a new group
  • Choose a name for the group and type in the Name field
  • To keep the group secure, click Secret
  • In the Member filed, enter the name of the friends

Once the group is created, upload a message and click post, so that everyone in the group knows about any event or updates.


With Facebook, the possibilities are immense. You can practically do anything, provided it is within the guidelines specified by the Facebook team.  There are various ways to connect with friends and send messages. If you are having a tough time in getting through, then it seems logical enough to contact an expert by using the Facebook helpline number.

Some Other Alternative to Consider

Facebook is basically meant for social networking. You are free to upload posts, connect with friends, send messages and a lot more. But the existing scenario is a bit different. It is not just about staying connected. The dynamics have changed for now and if you wish to learn more, it would seem convenient to speak with the right consultant from the Facebook live chat team.

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